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As a multi-racial person and a multi-disciplinary artist, I’m driven by a desire to explore the in-between, the over-the-top, and the not-yet-seen.


I make performances that are many things, with many people. Comedic, fast-paced plays full of acrobatics. Heartfelt narratives told through juggling. Interactive experiences that aren’t quite games or theater. Stories and characters that don’t get much chance to speak.


I create new things, except when I don’t. In either case, I ask - why does this need to be heard? Why now?

I thrive in collaboration. I thrive in meeting brilliant minds halfway. I thrive in learning and challenging, and being challenged. I thrive in using too many hyphens to describe what’s cooking, and stirring it until the flavor sings.

Permission to laugh is an essential part of the art I love. So is a commitment to justice, equity, and the dismantling of oppression. 


A list of titles that apply to my work in the performing arts: actor, dancer, deviser, juggler, acrobat, director of scripted plays, director of new work, director of devised processes, choreographer, musician, writer, administrator, interactive experience designer.

Let’s make things. Theatre, circus, etc.



Obvious Agency
Chaos Theory

Obvious Agency


Obvious Agency creates interactive live performances blurring the lines between audience and performer, theater and game. With Arianna Gass and Daniel Park, I co-founded Obvious Agency in 2015. We have produced our own original work as well as partnering with institutions like Moore College of Art and Design, Temple University, and the Barnes Foundation.

More on Obvious Agency


Collaborator + Director: Chaos Theory

IKantKoan creates playful, intimate experiences that explore complex and serious subject matter through compelling narratives, high levels of player agency, and profound humor and joy. With Amy Blumberg, I co-directed Chaos Theory which has played various venues throughout NYC, been recommended by the New York Times, and won Immersion Nation’s Best Social Immersion award in 2019.

More on IKantKoan


Tribe of Fools

Company Member


Tribe of Fools is dedicated to creating new plays that blur the lines between theatre, dance, acrobatics and other highly visual and kinetic storytelling techniques. After collaborating on two projects as an actor, I joined the company in 2017 and have continued to collaborate as an actor and director.

More on Tribe of Fools


Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Company Member 2016 – 18


Almanac is a movement-based performing arts ensemble, fusing acrobatics, storytelling, dance, and physicality. I worked with Almanac from 2016 – 2018 developing original works of dance circus theatre, ambient acrobatic movement scores, as well as providing project management support.

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Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists

Member, 2020 Mini-Resident,

Playwright's Project Cohort 1 


Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA) are a collective of theatre artists who seek to enhance and strengthen the presence of Asian Americans in the Philadelphia theatre community. In 2020 I developed my solo work Half Magic, an autobiographical exploration of bi-racial identity through storytelling, physical theater, and circus arts, through PAPA’s Mini-Residency program.

More on PAPA


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