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Fronteras: An Homage to Whatshername

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre


In admiration of she who learned to cushion confidence between I-feel-likes and I-don’t-knows.


In honor of her unwavering words dismissed as crazy dangerous, nasty, offensive, corrupt, threatening.


In admiration of those who skillfully navigate the ways their bodies are seen.


What if men didn’t talk all the time?


A devised work of spellbinding movement, a sense of humor, and stunning acrobatics, that unpacks the biases associated with female-identifying people in positions of power. Circus sequences play with the natural differences between feminine and masculine energies—and question what is universal and what is just you and me.


Production Team

FringeArts Theater

year? time? etc?

Created and Performed by

Evelyn Langley, Lauren Johns, Robin Stamey, Nicole Burgio, Emmanuel Becerra, Joseph Ahmed, Ben Grinberg

Photos by Daniel Kontz

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