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Fronteras: A Door in the Desert

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre


Fronteras: A Door in the Desert is an acrobatic journey through transcendence and back, one that questions why we divide and label ourselves.


How you get there isn’t the point. Unlock the door, and for a moment you and it are one, fused together in a non-social space with some cows around. You tumble past cactuses. Unfamiliar faces greet you, but their unknown language is not an obstacle. Not all who are lost wander. Not all who are tired sleep.

Abstract shapes made of human bodies, movement that twists the rules of what is possible and what is expected. Circus mats fall like big walls on top of people. A Door in the Desert physicalizes the identities we build for ourselves and the layers upon layers of beliefs and ideas. What does it take to tear down our own walls?


Production Team

FringeArts Theater

70 Minutes


Created and Performed by Emmanuel Becerra and Evelyn Langley, Joseph Ahmed, Ben Grinberg, Nicole Burgio, Lauren Johns


Created and Designed by Robin Stamey

Outside Eye Nick Gillette


Photos by Daniel Kontz

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