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Fly Eagles Fly

Tribe of Fools

Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2018

Louis Bluver Theatre at the Drake


Gwen is a brand-new Eagles fan and her office is full of opinions. Copy Mike is a lifelong fan, The Duke calls everyone out as NotRealFans™, and Lara is aghast at Gwen for liking such a #notfeminist thing. Fly Eagles Fly asks: what is fandom, what is community, and how do we reconcile the darker parts of things we love?

Photos by Plate 3 Photography - Kate Raines


Production Team

Directed by Terry Brennan and Joseph Ahmed

Written by Caitlin Corkery

Performed by

Nathan Alford-Tate, Taiwo Sokan, Janice Rowland, Kyle Yackoski, Jacinta Yelland

Production Manager Andrea Rumble-Moore

Choreography by Zachary Chiero

Stage Manager Jamel Baker

Scenic Design by Peter Smith

Lighting Design by Angela Myers

Sound Design by Damien Figueras

Costume Design by Kierceton Keller

Prop Design by Alexandra Curth

Artistic Director Terry Brennan

PRESS for Fly Eagles Fly

"This perfectly compact play is tender, it’s joyous and goofy, it’s heartfelt and altogether relatable - There is, true to Tribe of Fools’ form, great physicality."

– Bill Chenevert, arts blogger

"Most surprising are the comedy’s rich, genuine characters and its believably horrible and hilarious depiction of corporate office life."

– Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

"This quirky little play packs a meaty punch."

– Bill Chenevert, arts blogger

"This little play has heart."

– Kathryn Osenlund, phindie

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