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Fishtown: A Hipster Noir

Tribe of Fools

Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2017


A luddite private eye stumbles onto a virtual reality conspiracy when a new app allows you to live out your wildest fantasies... at a cost. Fishtown: A Hipster Noir explores our addiction to technology, our loneliness in an over-connected world, and asks what constitutes reality. It’s Chinatown meets Black Mirror meets Roger Rabbit.

Photos by Plate 3 Photography - Kate Raines


Production Team

Written by Caitlin Weigel

Directed by Peter Smith 


Joseph Ahmed, Zachary Chiero, Tara Demmy, Jenna Kuerzi, Kyle Yackoski 

Production Manager & Lighting Design

Robin Stamey 

Stage Manager Jamel Baker 

Sound Design Damien Figueras 

Scenic Design Peter Smith 

Costume Design Lexa Grace 

Props Design Christine Gaydos

Technical Director Ryan George 

Artistic Director Terry Brennan

PRESS for Fishtown: A Hipster Noir

“Ahmed is so convincing as a millennial douchebag tech CEO that you may find yourself wanting to stick your foot out when his Razor scooter zooms past.”

– Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

"Cool and sometimes ridiculous, FISHTOWN’s a winner. I’m pret-tysure you haven’t seen something just like this before. This is what you’re looking for. This is Fringe. Tribe of Fools delivers the goods… again."

– Kathryn Osenlun, Phindie

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