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Go To Sleep

Obvious Agency, 2017


Go To Sleep is a real-world walking simulator/adventure game about insomnia. Players enter a replica bedroom and interact with objects, triggering story elements and music that are performed and mixed live.


As participants activate the inner world of the artist through their actions, the loneliness of a sleepless night transforms into a shared experience.

Began development as a part of Barn Arts Residency program in 2016.

Premiered at the Art Church of Philadelphia June 22-25th, 2017.

Go To Sleep 5_Ahmed.jpg

Production Team

Created by Arianna Gass, Daniel Park, and Joseph Ahmed

Lead Artist and Narration by Arianna Gass

Directed by Daniel Park

Sound Design and Live-Mixing by Andy Theiraf

Video Design and Live-Mixing by John Bezark

Installation Design by Emily R. Johnson

Live Music by Joseph Ahmed

Technical Direction by Stephanie di Bona

Photos by Meryl Sands.

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