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Chaos Theory

IKantKoan, 2019


What if you were at a TED talk about chaos theory that suddenly went wildly off the rails?


A super serious lecture about Chaos Theory explodes into a series of interactive games and experiments inspired by the science of chaos theory, Jurassic Park, and the ultimate chaos: middle school crushes. Your guide, chaologist Dr. Genevieve Saoch, whose personal life continuously interferes with her objectivity as a chaologist, invites you to play through a series of multiplayer experiments modeled on the butterfly effect, fractals, and deterministic chaos, ultimately inviting you to apply the formulas that explain chaos *theory* to the chaos of your *actual* life. You've got nothing to lose but the illusion of order in your life!

Chaos Theory

Production Team

​Writer/Performer: Jessica Creane


Joseph Ahmed & Amy Blumberg

Costumes and Props: Evelyn Langley 

Production Manager: Jilly Schwab


CHAOS THEORY premiered at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and has been presented by FringeNYC, HERE Arts, NYC, and Caveat, NYC. 

Photos by Evelyn Langley. 

Press Quotes & Recognition

"4 OUT OF 4 STARS... a highly interactive show that uses comedy and thoughtfully structured game-play for nudging audiences to explore their wishes and desires, push past boundaries, connect with everyone around them, and be open to anything... what a superb actress Creane is…and how completely she performs in the moment."


– Best New York Comedy

"Chaos Theory is a phenomenally successful theatrical experiment... a perfect show for those who’d like to reassess their goals and values. Creane gives an electric performance."


– Theater is Easy

"...utter beautiful chaos, as we the audience are pushed to make choices, to share deep personal secrets, and to let mayhem reign over the final act of this performance... It was wonderful to behold... Writer and performer Jessica Creane delivers a phenomenal performance, as the initially mousy doctor transforms into a crazed being, full of ecstatic and infectious joy... The dedication to the character, in her scripted talk and in her improvised interactions is remarkable."


– No Proscenium


2019 Immersion Awards – Best Social Immersion

Nominated for

Immersion Awards – Best Transformative Immersive
Immersion Awards – Best Immersive Game

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